God bless all of you for your help!!! We were able to package a total of 235 care packages this years.

Purple bags for women,  Pink bags for girls,  Blue bags for boys and  White bags for men.

                                                       We were able to distribute to:

Our Veterans (Men & Women),

2 Foster Care Homes,

Men & Women transitional Home,

& A Halfway House for Men.

Our efforts to solve the problems in our communities and families in need can’t take effect unless we have the outreach of everyone in our community. War Cry Ministries is actively trying to create solutions and solve the problems that our communities are facing. We help provide services that help distribute food, clothing, & any other desperately needed supplies to our Veterans, children & their families. Your outreach will help us reach those in our community who are in need of our services. 

       War Cry Ministries can’t thank you enough for your generosity.